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our holiday fanfic contest has officially started! (more details here!)

all asks/messages regarding the contest will be filed under our contest tag.
luhan & xiumin
the deer & the golden bun

Do you kno fic where xiuhans relationship has become bad? Luhan wants sex every night but xiu doesnt and so he hides out in their van with chen until lu sleeps. So he goes inside only to find lu awake and then lu molests him?? It was on aff??

Can anyone help this lovely reader out? :)

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Hello~! I was wondering if you had any fics to reccomend of Luhan wooing minseok or vice versa, thank you~! :3
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i'd just like to thanks you guys for putting your time and effort into this blog omg. it makes me so happy that the two of you are so dedicated to this. ah, you admins are the best! and good luck on the contest! i hope lots of people join!

thank you lovely ;A; we hope the contest will be a success too <3

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What are the top 10 xiuhan angst ? thanks

my top 10 can be different from other readers, but here we go!

Mistaken for Strangers

A Little Better

The Nightingale

Celestial Entity

Singing Got Better

Young and Beautiful


Just Close Your Eyes

Wish I Was a Guy (fem!xiumin)

Good Night

be sure to check out the fics under our angst tag; all of them are wonderfully written as well~

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Do you know any fic where Luhan kidnapped Xiumin ?

The only one I know is Wait for Me by EvilKyuhyun, sequel to The Roommate. It’s a pretty dark fic~

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do u have xiuhan fic where luhan is the king and xiumin being his slave or toys but finally fall in love with xiumin? Tq 😃

I haven’t come across any that fits your description, but here are a few with a similar concept:

Our Stage (ongoing; ft. hunhan and sex toy xiumin)

Baby U (normal guy luhan; toy!xiumin)

Slave (xiuhan are slaves; ft. Kris)

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Can you be apart of the fanfic contest with your sideblog??

Sure, as long as we’re able to reach you through your tumblr~ 

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posted on Sep 01
I’ll Fucking Digest You, One Kiss at a Time

Author: latinaeinstein

Genre: smut

Rating: NC-17

"Want to eat you up," Lu Han groans. "Eat you out.”


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hello!! i'm rly excited for the contest! i hope everything goes well! would you like the fics being entered into the contest strictly one holiday or can you span out the fic's timeline to capture halloween/christmas or christmas/new years??

we hope so too :) and yes, you can span out the fic’s timeline.

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What are top10 xiuhan parted-fics? Thanks

these are the only two I know of that are broken into several parts/AUs:

Try to Remember 

It pains me to continue (but it hurts so much more to stop)

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there was this fic i read that i got from here that was somewhat based on the great gatsby. minseok ended up getting shot in the end and luhan offed himself by running into the street and getting hit by a bus. do you happen to have the link??

Young and beautiful by madeofblue ^^

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hello! I was the one that asked for a fic where luhan and minseok are friends and you told me the story was till the day we die but that's not it! in the story i'm looking for luhan fixes cars and in one scene he just kinda plastered himself against minseok to dirty him up and minseok's mom entered right that moment. minseok also tells luhan that his mom still thinks they might be dating. i think it's starts with them seeing a soap opera in spanish.

it’s this one: Just Friends by destroyer~

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about the contest, what do you mean of being anonymous? I still don't understand hehehe~~

All fics will be posted on our livejournal but until the end of voting period, we won’t show the names of their authors.

So, at the same time we would like to ask the authors to NOT promote or somehow let others know that the fics in the contest are theirs. 

This is all for the sake of the contest being as fair as possible ^^

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|| LUMINFICS’ 2014 Holiday Fanfic Contest || 

The colder months are quickly approaching and the chilly weather will have us all bundled up. It’ll be the perfect time to wrap up in a fluffy blanket with a cup of hot chocolate and bask in the warmth of your favorite ship through fanfiction. 

It’s here! luminfics is holding our very first fanfiction contest: holiday themed, in effort to encourage the holiday spirit and spread the XiuHan love! 

Start date: 1st September

Entry deadline: 30th November

Voting period: 2 weeks (Dec. 7th - Dec. 21st)

Winners will be announced on Christmas Eve. 



How to submit

Email your fic to luminficscontest@gmail.com in the following format:

tumblr username:
other contact information:

warnings (if there are any):

Entry deadline: November 30th

How do we choose?

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us through our tumblr or email.

So let’s have fun and good luck to everyone! Happy writing!



Please, help us promote this contest by reblogging as much as possible! Thank you, lovelies~ 

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Hello~ do you think you could help me? I'm looking for a xiuhan fic, and it's like Luhan is some sort of immortal time traveller and the story starts in 1793 and Xiumin works at a bookstore or something? I can't remember the title (;_;) Thank you!

Timeless by apennyforseoul 

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